Presentation Program

Presentation Program

It is an academic program that prepares the student for university study in terms of learning academic writing, research methods, reference classification, academic reading methods, speed and critical reading, and more.

Academic Writing Skills

Academic Writing Skills: This course deals with the basics of academic writing, such as formatting essays and theses, using sources and references, and writing citations and footnotes.

Scientific Research Skills

Scientific Research Skills: This course deals with the basics of scientific research, such as topic selection, formulation of research problem, data collection, data analysis, and writing results and recommendations.

Academic Reading Skills

This course deals with the basics of academic reading, such as understanding the main and sub-ideas, analyzing arguments, and evaluating results.

Critical and analytical thinking skills

Critical and analytical thinking skills: This course addresses the basics of critical and analytical thinking, such as analyzing ideas and concepts, evaluating evidence, and making decisions.

The Presidential Program aims to achieve the following objectives:

Help students develop critical and analytical thinking skills

Prepare students to write research and academic studies.

Provide students with the language and academic skills necessary to succeed in university study.

The importance of the Presentation Program

The Presidential program is an outstanding and necessary program, especially in the preparatory stage for masters and doctorates. It helps students develop the language and academic skills necessary for success in graduate studies.

Financial cost of the Presidential program

The financial cost of the Presidential program varies from one university to another, and depending on how long the program lasts. Tuition fees are usually paid in monthly or quarterly installments.

Benefits to students from the Presidential Program

Improve their English language skills.

Acquire academic writing skills and scientific research.

Prepare for university studies.

Conditions that students must meet to enroll in the Presidential Program

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